Nutrico SA – Crop Protection and Plant Nutrition South Africa

NutriCo together with In Line Trading are members of the In Line Group of companies, founded in 2003. The distribution company, NutriCo, and its manufacturing arm, In Line Trading, is focused on product development and the manufacture of high-value chemicals and nutritional products for the agricultural and chemical industries.

NutriCo specializes in the distribution and marketing of agricultural chemicals including crop protection chemicals, adjuvants, growth enhancers, soil conditioners, plant nutrients, seed treatments and many other products.

All NutriCo products are specifically designed to enhance the growth of crops, increase yields and to ensure better value for money to the end user. The teams at NutriCo and In Line Trading has many years of combined experience in the implementation of products in the agricultural environment, thus ensuring efficient use of these products ranging from correction of deficiencies to growth enhancement and crop protection.

NutriCo – Vision

To shape the way our customers view crop nutrition and crop protection and to introduce an extraordinary experience, where quality, integrity and professionalism is at the forefront of who we are.

NutriCo – Brand Essence from the CEO: Calculated Creativity

As a former biochemist and laboratory manager turned chemical manufacturer, I understand the research method and the science behind the psychology of design, but still consider this company and myself more creative then analytic. It’s a common perception that people are either right brained (creative) or left brained (analytic). I feel that we as a team in this company are able to effectively access and integrate both hemispheres of the brain in a process called divergent thinking. For our brand essence, I chose two words that I feel sum up divergent thinking and who we are as a brand, Calculated Creativity. – Martin Botha

NutriCo – Quality Control in Manufacturing

NutriCo and its manufacturing arm, In Line Trading, have invested a lot of resources in a state of the art manufacturing plant with in-house analytical capabilities that range from XRF screening of minerals and harmful elements (Heavy Metals), to Chromatography for screening of organic components and a wet chemistry laboratory to ensure correct pH, conductivity, solubility and other essential parameters are maintained during the manufacturing process. No raw material is accepted without conforming to the strict quality requirements of the In Line Group.

No product or raw material is accepted by the manufacturing plant without conforming to regulatory requirements.

No product leaves the manufacturing plant without all the production requirements being verified. We thus ensure every client receives exactly what is promised in the product specification.

In Line Trading and NutriCo further invests large portions of its annual income into product research and field trials, ensuring the products manufactured perform as intended.