CHELAG & CHELPLEX Nutrient Technology

CHELAG & CHELPLEX Nutrient Technology


The CHELAG/CHELPLEX water soluble (WSP) and water dispersible (WDP) products are the solution to nutrient deficiencies in fruit trees, citrus, horticultural, ornamental and expensive crops.

The CHELAG & CHELPLEX Range is an Amino Gluconate chelated nutrient blend with micro fine particles with suspending agents recommended to prevent and correct nutritional deficiencies.

The components in the CHELAG & CHELPLEX Range favors the consistency of the cell wall, improves crop résistance and reduces the appearance off cellular degradation.


Both the CHELAG & CHELPLEX Range contain mainly particles which are less than 2 microns in size and in some instances below 800 nanometers, making this range a true Nano scale product range.  These low particle sizes make it extremely easy to apply, to keep the products in solution or suspension and is quickly absorbed by plants.  These low particles sizes also increase the mineral absorption and assimilation into plant cells for easy correction of nutrient deficiencies.



The CHELAG & CHELPLEX Range requires proper mixing. Weigh or measure the required quantity into a Mixing vessel with an adequate quantity of water. shake or mix well and then adjust the pH of the solution to pH 5.5 to 6.5 with a suitable organic buffer solution if needed. Our organic acid buffers are the most suitable buffer solutions for the CHELAG & CHELPLEX Ranges. After pH adjustment the CHELAG & CHELPLEX solutions are ready to be added to the spray mixture. First add the CHELAG or CHELPLEX solution prior to the addition of other crop protection chemicals. It is advisable to do a miscibility test before the CHELAG or CHELPLEX solution is used with crop protection chemicals for the first time.



The CHELAG and CHELPLEX Range is normally up to 5 times more concentrated than normal liquid chelated products currently available in the market, and is easier to store and cheaper to transport. CHELAG’s or CHELPLEX’s are thus also easier and cheaper to use. In contrast with liquid products you will never again have a problem with sediment in containers. Containers with CHELAG’s or CHELPLEX’s cannot swell and bloat during transit or storage. The CHELAG and CHELPLEX Products are homogenous (No higher concentrate at the bottom of the container than at the top). Long term storage does not have any effect on the consistency and quality of the product.

The CHELAG and CHELPLEX Technology is easy to weigh or to measure and does not waste like liquids during measurement. Packaging is in convenient 1kg to 5kg water resistant tamper proof bags with.  The CHELAG or CHELPLEX Range can be blended with normal dry fertilizers and applied during fertilizer application or mixed with liquid fertilizers where the pH and composition allows blending. CHELAG or CHELPLEX is easy to mix in water and the WSP formulations dissolves almost immediately in spray solutions.  The WDP formulations disperses also very quickly and stays stable in suspension for an adequate amount of time before and during application. CHELAG & CHELPLEX Products are compatible with a large quantity of crop protection chemicals and adjuvants. CHELAG or CHELPEX Ranges may also be applied with other compatible foliar feeds, kelp extracts, etc.

The CHELAG and CHELPLEX products are fully compatible with each other and any blend you can think of can be made with these products. CHELAG or CHELPLEX Products does not contain components that would render it incompatible with each other. Further to this is the salt index of the CHELAG products very low to reduce the risk of burning the foliage during application of these products.

The CHELAG and CHELPLEX Products are the most revolutionary range currently available for trace element nutrition and is also more versatile, safe and user friendly than any competitive products in this market segment.