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The Importance of Soil and Leaf Sampling

By Kenny Beeton

Monitoring nutrient levels in agriculture using leaf and soil analysis, has become a standard practice with a variety of laboratories offering the analysis and interpretation of results to farmers throughout South Africa.

Soil sampling should be done at least every second year in permanent crops, especially in cases where soil structure is poor and leaching or poor drainage can affect the availability of nutrients to the crop.

Plant Stress and how to minimize its effects on crops in agriculture

By Kenny Beeton

Plant stress can have a direct effect on crop health and crop performance, stress and its effects on plant health can be either short-term or long-term depending on the stressor. When aiming to address crop performance through stress management it is important to know, what is the primary cause of the stress and its effect on the crop.

Factors affecting flowering and fruit set in citrus production

By Kenny Beeton

Citrus is a perennial tree crop, and most varieties produce flowers and fruit once per season. Lemons and Limes however can flower and set a crop 2 – 3 times per season. Since citrus flowering is an integral phase in the reproduction cycle, it is essential to manage the plant requirements before blossom as this leads to fruit setand a desired crop load. Several factors contribute to the quality and volume of citrus flowers formed of which climate and genetics are the primary role players.

BRIX – “The Baseline of Fruit Quality”

By Kenny Beeton

Brix is one of the most used terms in agriculture since everything about fruit and plant health relates to Brix levels and sugar content. The term Brix dates back to the mid-1800s named after the founder of the Hydrometer, the German scientist Adolf Brix. The discovery by Adolf Brix was to come up with a scientific method to measure soluble solids in an aqueous solution.